Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Configuring Git on Windows

Create an account in

Create a project in there

Download and install following three programs in the given order

After finishing installations, Open git bash program and type the following command there (skip pass phrasing by entering). This process will generate a key.

ssh-keygen -C “” -t rsa

(give an email address instead of “”)

The key will be stored in a .ssh folder somewhere, usually in your user folder c:\\Documents and Settings\\Username\\.ssh on XP or c:\\Users\\Username\\.ssh on Windows7

Upload the key to codaset using the following way.
Myaccount > SSH keys then click on "upload new"

Open Git Extensions program

Click "clone repository"

Goto codaset account again and click on the project created, copy text under SSH tab

Now gain go to the clone window, paste it to the text area "repository to clone",give a desired destination and click ok

Goto the given destination folder and the project will be seen in there

Do the wanted changes to the project , go to the Git extensions again and open the repository been working on, under the command menu click on commit, stage the wanted files and click on "commit and push" to update in codaset so changes will be visible to everyone.

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